Mercury Distilling plant for fluorescent powder and mercury containing material

herborn technik 2The recycling material (stored in metal barrels) is manually connected with a special docking system to the evaporator. After feeding of the evaporator the heating process starts. The principle is a vacuum evaporation with product temperatures of appr. 350°C.

The evaporated mercury is condensed in a heat exchanger. After the glass is cleaned, the product is discharged into a 200 liter barrel again.

herborn technik 3The vacuum, condensation and exhaust cleaning system is installed in the downstream of the evaporator. It is used for forming the vacuum inside the evaporator. Inside the condensator the evaporated mercury is condensed and collected. The installed safety filter units behind the vacuum pump guarantee a save operation.

Complete control system installed in control cabinet. Suitable for manual and automatic operation. Inclusive PLC and Touchpanel.