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system herborn lampenrecycling 2Discharge lamps, such as rod-shaped discharge lamps, fluorescent tubes, other types of lamp and backlight units for the illumination of flat screens, are energy-saving sources of light that are made from top-quality materials. However, they also contain highly toxic materials, such as mercury, which are a threat to the environment, and they must therefore be recycled correctly and safely.

They are made of high-quality materials and save energy when in use. But they also contain, however, materials that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, they have been identified as an environmental problem in Europe and many other countries around the world and classified as dangerous waste which has to be properly recycled.

"system herborn“ recycling plants offer the technical solutions that allow the various types of lamps to be recycled safely and economically.

Our stationary plants, or mobile plants, our favourably priced "New Generation" compact plants and the treatment units for mercurial waste enable us to cover the full range of lamp types and offer every customer an optimum solution tailored to their individual needs.


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