Mobile lamp recycling unit “system herborn” / Recycling on site

mobile 1mobile lampenzufuehrungWith our recycling concept of “mobile on-site recycling” the logistic effort can be significantly reduced because: With our mobile recycling systems we ensure a quick and straightforward recycling of the lamps right where the waste (lamps) was collected. The ecologic complex and costly transport becomes unnecessary.

From the economic point of view, it is not necessary to use the full working capacity of a system on a certain location, and investment costs are reduced in the start-up phase. When necessary or in case of an increase in lamp quantities, it is easily possible to request a stationary system instead of a mobile one at short notice.

lkw mobile anlage 1The otherwise necessary exchange of the container systems can be omitted which means that the number of circulating containers as well as the respective investment costs are minimized.

This method is used in different countries and is especially suitable for recycling large quantities of linear fluorescent lamps on different locations.