Reconditioned plants

We will be glad to make you an offer for the purchase of a reconditioned "system herborn“ recycling plant. In our works these plants are brought up to the latest technological standard, and all wearing parts are replaced, together with the major components. You will of course be given the same warranty as for one of our new plants. Another plus for a reconditioned recycling plant is a short delivery time.

Rental of plants

If you only need a recycling plant for a short time, you can also lease it from us. Then, if you decide to purchase the plant at the end of the lease, part of the lease fee you have paid will be deducted from the purchase price. The maintenance and servicing of the plant are of course also included in the lease fee.

Service/Maintenance Worldwide

Our plants, extremely reliable though they are, are also subject to wear and tear after a certain time, which results in a need for replacement and renewal. Our maintenance service helps to keep the plants at a high performance level, and this is what makes continued safe operation possible. Professional repair work and corrective maintenance enable us to ensure the plants' productivity and reliability, resulting in a "condition as new".

Hire purchase

If you wish to purchase one of our plants but do not want to take out a loan, a hire purchase agreement is the ideal alternative. As the total costs are spread out over a fixed period, you pay in manageable instalments and thus go easy on your liquidity. At the end of the hire purchase term you become the owner of the plant.


We are pleased to place our advisory services at your disposal. This means our customers can profit not only from our company's years of experience in the operation of recycling plants but also from the expertise we have gained in the collection, storage, container systems and transport logistics of the lamps in a number of countries.

Technical Upgrades / Updates

We are happy to fit your existing lamps recycling technologies on the current needs and latest technological standards.